We finished scanning Panel 5 tonight, four rows in two hours. It was a banner night for us, we have become a well oiled machine now. We know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it well. We are handling the photos in the most minimal way, leaving more time for the cataloging. The work is going faster.

I looked at several faces tonight that caught my eye. One, a strapping man in flight cap, goggles and white silk scarf, his photo looked like a poster for an action adventure film. It made me think about a picture last session my wife picked up to scan, a very young man smiling in a Navy uniform. My wife paused and nearly cried, simply turning the picture for me to see saying, "he was just a baby." A hero and a boy, different sons of the same community.

I want to see every picture, every one. I go to the website sometimes and just browse, clicking on pictures and wondering who they were and what they did. I find myself doing that every day now.